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18 November 2012 @ 03:47 pm


Uhm. Kinda don't know what to say tbh after not being active for so long and then suddenly posting a couple of times and then disappearing again..

Yeah. I know, I suck. OTL

I really miss everyone. Talking to you guys. And writing stories too. But.. yeah. Idw to make promises anymore since I seem to always break them anyways, so.. yeah. v.v

I really didn't expect to be out of lj for this long tbh. And every time someone I know deletes their account or says they are leaving the fandom, it makes me feel a bit down. I mean, ofc we all have our own lives and we have phases and such. It just happens that for me, I'm quite certain that my fandom would be SHINee until the end. Yeah, I'm a bit older than most of SHINee fans after all. XD

Uhm, so~ yeah. I'm still into SHINee. Just that I haven't been into fics that much lately. I mean, writing them. Cos I still read fics. :p Though I guess not as much as before. Well, the amount of fics around lately have gone down tremendously too and I don't really read outside lj. So yeah, that’s also probably cos of that. Uhm fortunately though, I kinda ship all SHINee pairings now so I'm not that picky anymore when it comes to that. :p

Anyways, I'm completely out of topic here. Since the initial reason for this post is just to announce that, starting today, all my fics are already f-locked. Uhm, I've been thinking about this since I started writing. Well, maybe not since I started. Probably a while after that. Anyways, I thought about it harder when some of my stories got plagiarized over a year ago but since I hate it when people f-lock their fics, I still decided not to lock mine. My argument before was that keeping my posts public will make more people aware that I wrote those stories. And thus, it'll be more likely that one of my readers will find out if ever other people posted them. However, with how I've been gone for so long and how most of the people who read my stories are not into the fandom anymore, this is not the case anymore. Uhm, so yeah. I don't think many people would be affected by this anyway. :p Since people would have to really dig up the comms to see my posts there. XD Well, unless they see them from rec posts, that is. :p

Uhm, so yeah. That's it, I guess?

Take care everyone! :)



Uhm so I received some friend invites the past week thus I decided to edit this post. Not that I want to give you guys a hard time or anything  (though I guess it will still appear that way. but really, I felt the same before too whenever people f-lock their posts so trust me, I do understand if this annoy you) but I really can't add back everyone. Not at least when I don't even know why you guys are adding me. Uhm I don't add all people back since before after all. Just those whom I've talked to somewhere or I've recognized commenting on my posts. But I guess there might be some I haven't added back even if they did comment on something cos I haven't really gotten track of everything since I became inactive. Hopefully, I'll be able to fix that soon. Anyways, that's just about it. Uhm you can just comment on this post I guess or something. Tell me why you're adding me back, or whatever.

Uhm and maybe I should add another reason why I decided to f-lock my posts. Actually I think more than anything, it's because of the themes of my posts that idw to make them public anymore. I mean, ofc most of you doesn't know me irl and the chance that people that do know me irl will see my posts are close to nothing. But yeah. It just feels more comfortable this way, I guess? That said, I might consider removing the locks in some of my fics in the future and just lock those I'm not comfortable with.

- Kirie

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04 July 2013 @ 05:42 pm
Title: Chains
Pairing: jongkey, jongyu, onkey
Genre: au, angst, drama
Rating: R
Warnings: Disturbing themes
Word Count: ~18,000
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
Summary: Jonghyun just wants to love. Kibum just wants to forget. Jinki just wants to fall asleep.

A/N: This is not exactly like my previous stories (I think?) so I am not sure they'll like it but this is for londonleipzig (cos she inspired me to join SBB even if she didn't know she did xD) and nami19 (cos I love her so <3). Also, for those who are not aware, the lyrics are from 떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night). I got the English translation here. :)

“Uh… sleep?” At this, Jonghyun looks at him pointedly so Jinki hastily adds, “But I don’t think that’s an option so, whatever you want to do?”Collapse )
21 March 2011 @ 09:53 pm
Title: Hyung
Pairing: taekey
Genre: au, angst, drama, family, slice of life
Rating: PG
Warning: mentally challenged!key
Word Count: ~6,800
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
Summary: Taemin is tired of always taking care of his mentally-challenged brother.

Read more...Collapse )
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